Classics with a twist.

With a pretty stiff twist I would say. Okay, we are now used to the fact that lingerie can be worn as a part of a proper outfit. I mean, not hidden underneath. Take bralettes worn on top of tees, bustier as actual tops, also slip-inspired dresses and pajama-like suits... and, well, corsets. Now we've all seen girls, models and street style gurus rocking fabric-much corsets that are more soft than usual ones and remind more of belt kind of thing. At least, that's how I see it. Well, I anyway find such softer version being good ones as these are more flexible in terms of wearer's freedom of movement.

Speaking of freedom of movement... Well, my personal thumbs up go to all ladies who are brave enough to wear those stiff-much corsets. Am not going to lie, a real-like corset is an unforgettable fashion experience. Sure it does emphasize your curves, it does add a special twist when worn outwardly, but... but I can't imagine how women used to walk around corseted, like properly corseted, on day to day basis. They say beauty requires sacrifice. True, it does. And I believe it's worth it, even if it's about other aspects of beauty.

Today's outfit combination. Right. I guess I should start with this corset I ordered at I was sure I need a real-like version in my own fashion arsenal. Firstly, I was eager to have a stiff corset experience. And secondly, I just loved, and still do, the visual effect such kind of corsets do bring to an outfit. So while I was surfing through Zaful I did stumble upon this very piece. I like its transparency that allows it to be a sort of a practical piece that can fit various combos. Like this quite classic one. I mean, who said you can't wear a corset on top of a trench coat, huh?

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Photo: T. Egorova