And oversize effect.

Here we go with a pretty new color in terms of my wardrobe. Well, relatively new. Khaki color. I can't state it was never present in my fashion arsenal before, as I have those blurred memories about khaki pants, in green-ish shade, and I guess a cap in matching shade... it's been a decade or so ago, therefore I think I'm allowed not to remember it in great detail. So, right, in terms of today and my current wardrobe direction khaki color is a new addition. We are about to talk through khaki in the upcoming Trend Report story, but I still feel like mentioning that it's this pretty wide range of shades that attracts me in this color.

I like the fact khaki goes all the way from sand-y, beige and brown-much shades to something more grey-ish and green-ish. Sure I know beiges and browns work amazing in my case, that's why I had no doubt this Gamiss piece's khaki shade will suit me. Speaking of this distressed sweater... I bet many of us have already seen such sweater piece across Instagram or some blogs. Right, power to digital environment. So you definitely know by now there are various versions of such sweater, like in shorter length, less oversized, with different necklines, sleeveless, with metallic effect and so. Now should I say I do like my piece the most?

I do like this Gamiss version for two reasons. The first one is quite a cliche for me - the shade. We all have that go-to color or shade, don't we? And the second reason is the fact one can wear this piece both as a dress, sure a more end-of-spring weather is required here and maybe a more belted silhouette, and as a sweater with pants, by slightly tucking it or leave as a sort of a tunic. As I said, a dress effect here requires a pretty summer-y, I mean Latvian summer of course, weather... thus, considering current outdoors situation I decided to go for a mix with timeless classics - formal pants, court shoes and a biker jacket. And slightly tucked sweater to add a bit of asymmetry and dynamics to this first April-much look. 

Look of the Day:
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Photo: T. Egorova