Inspiration | Gown for Your Smartphone

April 18, 2017

Because it deserves one...

Okay, let's talk technology. But not in that super broad sense. Let's limit ourselves to smartphones for now. 
Even a much narrow sense - smartphone cases. See, in the era when a smartphone is literally as important as ID card, home and car keys, water and food... you can't deny the power of phone gowns. Well, sure you know how important this device is in terms of your own daily life. And as you take care of yourself by pampering, protecting, refreshing, dressing up then you should definitely do the same to your smartphone. And here, when we talk about protection and dressing up we sure mean cases in first place. One highly practical that can fit your daily lifestyle or a set of numerous pieces that you might change together with shoes, bags, shades, hats and whatever else. You surely got my point.
And while some specialists, like Case Company, allow you to even customize such gowns, here at PQAP I got a little selection of designer, and not only, cases for iPhones waiting just for you... 

Photo: T. Egorova

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