New In | White Star Cap + Camo Backpack

April 10, 2017

Favorite duo of the moment.

As I love saying, never say never. Especially in terms of fashion. Because you never know when your preferences might change. Even more... because you never know at which point you actually might fall for something you used to sort of ignore, or better say haven't taken into consideration (fashion consideration), before. Here I'm talking more of a camouflage print, as I've never really taken it seriously, again in terms of fashion. Oh well, time goes by, things keep changing and one day you find camo print, and military vibes in general, turning into a direction of your current interest.

The same kind of story goes all the way to caps and backpacks. But in case with these two it's more about good old stuff having yet one more reason to shine. Speaking of this white star and camo couple that I discovered at, I like how practical, on 24/7 basis, it turns to be. I also feel like mentioning that these two finds didn't come together straightaway but rather found each other in my personal mix & match process. And even after few weeks of utilizing the duo I can't get over it. So maybe that's what real practicality looks like? 


Photo: A. Puzova

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