Sport vibes all day everyday through Spring/Summer 2017 season.

Seasonal workouts keep moving from indoors to outdoors. Same goes to sportswear. It goes beyond workout sessions and gyms straight into day-to-day wardrobes and city streets.
So far we know that sportswear can easily be mixed & matched with many different styles. And we sure all know this laid-back feeling of a totally sport-ish look. Well, this season is all about enjoying workout clothing. And kind of celebrating its existence. So keep your eyes on tracksuits, sweatshirts and hoodies, track pants on its own, tees and crop tops, leggings, even dresses and skirts. 
Best runway inspirations take us to Rag & Bone, Lacoste, Versace and Gabriela Hearst. Meanwhile, most eye-catchy online options are all collected in this new PQAP selection.

Image Courtesy: InStyle