Getting closer to earth this Spring/Summer 2017 season. 

And not being afraid of some dirt. In a more figurative sense of course. With a dash of fashion twist. 
Shades of khaki are getting stronger these days. And it's not of a surprise, especially considering the modern day situation the world is facing. So, yes, khaki is yet one more tool that helps designers to reflect that reality. Going to back to a more fashionable side of khaki i. e. its shades, it's important to mention that this color may vary from light beige-like and yellow-like options to more deep ones with brown or green feels. Let's not forget that khaki is also known for its dusty effect. And all these shades of khaki are going to be big throughout current season. 
Best runway inspirations regarding coolest shades and khaki implementation within one's seasonal wardrobe take us to Creatures of Comfort, Public School, Carolina Herrera, Yeezy and J. Crew. Meanwhile most of those worthy online options are collected in this PQAP selection... 

Image Courtesy: Vicki Archer