Legendary spider vibes.

Or not really legendary. Or not really vibes. Back in BIS times, when undertaking that styling course (6 years have gone so far, unbelievable), we were taught to think with associations. To think with images and visuals this or that look provokes in ones mind. So when it comes to this outfit it's not really about associations kind of thing. I guess it's about a much deeper meaning. In psychology they say that if something - a word, a phrase and so on - clicks within you, then it matters. To a certain extent.

Words we use say quite a lot about us. It also goes to casually thrown words. Especially to casually thrown words, as these come from unconscious level. And unconscious is actually about real thoughts and real desires of oneself. It's the key to literally everything. So when the black widow thing just clinged to this look in my head I sat down trying to figure out what's in that for me. And what clicked inside me was the fact that this type of spiders is not aggressive in itself and its deadly bites is just a way of protecting itself. Why it clicks? That's a separate story.

How about today's outfit? To be honest, I don't even know what should I start with. Which element should I put first or point out as the statement one. Maybe I should outline the silky robe that takes off from the slightest wind blow? I would put it as an ultimate must have piece for coming summer season. Or should I point out strapless bodysuit that may come as a perfect replacement for off-shoulder tops? Just show off a bit more of your body, gurl. Or should I speak of open-toe lace-ups? That exact summer-much version of already beloved Gamiss lace-up'ed boots. Right, altogether it builds up (or evokes) that perfect black widow of mine. 

Look of the Day:
Bandolino jeans (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova