Heels kinda situation.

Am pretty much back in the mood for high heels lately. Quite a noticeable moment if you take a look at my outfit-stories over like past two months. To be honest, at some point I just started experiencing this feeling of nostalgia regarding all these cute high heeled shoes-ies. Especially since shaping my wardrobe again, and shifting away from that intellectual thing. So, yes, saying 'goodbye' to masculine type of shoes-ies... at least for now.

Speaking of these very four pairs, I believe it's just the peach-y shaded Rosegal sandals that haven't debuted on the blog yet. Well, it's happening right now. I bet you know what I mean. Anyways summer is coming and I'm placing a bet on this very pair... to, like, rock most of my upcoming seasonal outfits. Let's see how it goes though. Meanwhile, lace-ups lace-ups lace-ups. Both options.