Granny's vibes for Spring/Summer 2017 season.

Or not really. For some reason kitten heel is perceived as granny-more appropriate. Probably because it's pretty much a contrast to stiletto one, that's in turn is all about sexy and provocative stuff.
When it comes to a kitten heel, it's important to point out that its height doesn't exceed 5 cm. Quite a decent heel for young ladies of the 1950's, right? So it doesn't seem to be a granny kind of shoe now. And this season kitten heel is having a big comeback... Another important point, kitten style is not just about thin kind of heel, but also about block one (yes, stability matters).
Best runway inspirations take us to Prada, Celine, Dior and Loewe. While some of the most eye-catchy online options are collected in this new PQAP selection.

Image Courtesy: Cool Chic Style & Fashion