Black, black, black, black... and red.

This goes to the Queen of Blazers. I mean me. Of course. Because, well, I don't know any other person, or better say haven't met yet, whose collection is as big as mine. And when I say big it's not like I place it in line with Khloe Kardashian's closet... because in her case word 'giant' would be more suitable. Okay, slowly but surely I might be moving towards this direction... and this thought freaks me out. See, the more choices are there within my wardrobe, the higher my level of anxiety is.

Fine. But stepping aside from all I said above... I would like to throw in few words about blazers turned into dresses. Now seriously thumbs up to those who gave us, girls, such a fashion-much gift. An elongated blazer that can be both used as an actual blazer and as a dress is a true gem. Okay, did I just discover a totally new universe? Not really I guess. Just saying.

Speaking of today's all black everything with a dash of red lipstick outfit... dear, it's been quite some time since I last used a 'not really a nude shaded' one. To be super precise, the last time I wore red-much lipstick was back in early February. Sometimes taking a break from something can be a benefit. Especially in terms of fashion and beauty. I do like this outfit for the fact all elements work perfect together, in first place. And, secondly. for this powerful yet feminine message it brings. Right, message is a crucial thing.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova