Summertime darkness.

Now sit and think what you meant by the collocation, Anna. But seriously, it's just amazing how I was thinking about two absolutely different points and my mind came up with this combination.

On one hand, I was thinking through this details thing. There three musketeers happen to be my current favorites as I keep implementing it within my daily outfits quite a lot. Not always all together, but rather 1 or 2 elements at a time. One would say these deets are no fun or summer-y much. But, well, you know darks and neutrals are my happy colors.

Plus this Latvian summer. Right, on the other hand, I had this early summer darkness in mind. You know, unstable weather and these current favorites of mine... it just comes together pretty perfectly. And no, I'm not about to cry over cold and rainy days, and all these nature's fluctuations... because it's like with casual anxiety... you get every single bit out of those ups and you live against those downs (still mastering this skill, still mastering). Include hashtagsmartass here.


Photo: A. Puzova