Not a milky way.

Now thumbs up for satin + lace kind of tops. Camisole tops. I mean cami tops of course. A sort of tops that ran away from underwear section in order to join our fashion-much arsenals. Quite a shift, huh? Right, camis come in line with such beloved undergarment-originally pieces of ours, and previously talked here through, as corsets, slip dresses and pajamas. I believe our grandmas could never ever get used to this sort of fashion... and the fact that underwear-inspired stuff can be worn for 'show off'. 

That's what they call generation gap. And I guess these days the gap is bigger than ever before, plus it stretches well beyond modern fashion frames... But back to cami tops. What I like about this kind, or style, of top is the fact it's a pretty effortless yet highly alluring piece that can easily be combined with all sort of different stuff, like jeans, formal pants, pencil skirts, chunky cardigans, elongated blazers, classy heels or old school sneakers... and so on and so on. This list of compatibilities can be literally endless.

Speaking of today's classic, but not with a super modern twists, outfit of mine... Okay, if we still speak about it using my beloved 'classics with a modern twist' formula, then it truly is a 'classic' one in terms of color combination and such components as elegant pants and strap-ey sandals... while silk-y cami and lightweight cardigan can come as that exact 'modern twist'. Right, formula still works. Always. Well, almost.

Look of the Day:
H&M pants (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova