Tee or Dress?

June 16, 2017

That's the question...

Here we go with a proper summer outfit. Proper in terms of color combination and overall vibes in first place I would say. It's not like few of my latest looks, like a midi black dress one or a black widow one, are not summer-much appropriate outfits... but see, if we take color thing into consideration, then, yes, this very look speaks more about current season vibes. And beyond being the first pretty summer-y one, this combination is also the first one that was shot with Olympus Pen camera. To name it a gadget crush is probably about saying near to nothing. But still testing, still testing.

Speaking of today's main question... and oh getting into Shakespeare sort of state... jokes, you don't think I'm going to turn this story into a play or something like that, huh? Am doing my own thing here with those suspension points, you know. It just brings some sort of mystery. And at times it's just a good way to veil the fact that words fail me - quite a standard thing for someone with casual anxiety. Such a shame I can only use the three dots thing when writing to like take a moment and bring my thoughts back together or leave it just like that...

But let's go back to the tee dress. Have to say I adore this trend, or whatever you call it. Whether it's an oversized t-shirt (you like stole from male's wardrobe) or it's a dress inspired by a t-shirt - it anyway is a super cool piece, especially for summer. Especially when you are not in the mood to wear a super feminine style, but still would go for a dress thing. Plus such a piece goes well with both flat and heeled shoe options. The second one was exactly what I chose for my outfit. I also paired it with ripped effect denim jacket (my outerwear crush of the moment) and not-super-spacious but interesting-from-design-point bag. Just like that. 

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova

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