Oh these metal drape tops...

I literally couldn't escape but get one for my own fashion arsenal. I just couldn't resist... the top, the overall mania around it. Now I was just wondering how like a tiny piece of metal, and well two chains, can make us, girls, go crazy. I mean, it's not even a proper top if you think about it. But it's all over Instagram, online stores and Internet in general these days.

I believe Carmen Electra is having a nostalgia moment. It was pretty much fun to google this top and discover a... retro?... photo of Carmen rocking a golden-much metal top in a pair with metal effect pants. Pure retro and disco vibes in action. Seriously. And I think this is what actually attracts us within such a top. Old school vibes in a combination with a high level of seduction (read bare skin). And, well, shine. Excessive shine is another major point here.

Speaking of the total outfit... pinch me but I adore how the silver-shine top looks in a combination with all black everything. And I love how quite casual-like it looks with black denims. Right, I like such duo more than a metal top + leggings tandem. Just my personal sort of preference, you know. How about leather jacket? I think it just adds these daring vibes. More of daring vibes. Pretty much a visual turn for 'quarter of a century', huh?

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Photo: T. Egorova