Mystery with transparent effect.

As I said before, summer is designed for dresses. No really. I believe summer is one season that's just perfect to rock dresses. I would place spring straight after as it also call for some feminine vibes, you know. Speaking of a perfect place where one can search, and also shop, for lots of gorgeous summer dresses... I would recommend Light in the Box online store. Probably one of the most stuffed and diverse female-directed sections I've discovered lately.

So lately I felt like expanding my dresses collection a bit... and by 'a bit' I sure mean two fresh and super stunning pieces I found at LitB. One of which is this deep blue cutie. Blue, and its literally endless selection of shades, is one of those colors I like in general terms and can easily add to my wardrobe. When it comes to deep blue shade... there's just some sort of mystery in it. Don't you think?

What really attracted me within this very dress... apart from color of course... is this combination of two, I would say, contrasting fabrics. These transparent inserts just add to the dress making it such a highly alluring piece. Speaking of transparent thing, have to be honest at this point and mention that I'm wearing my nude shaded shapewear dress from PPZ underneath. It makes me feel less anxious about the fact something might get unexpectedly exposed. See, such situation-saviors never hurt nobody.

Look of the Day:
Bakers sandals (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova