Or simply a part of a bigger one.

Well, well, well. Been touching upon shades topic relatively much lately. Probably because I've added quite a number of cool styles to my personal collection. Or maybe because I just like the sunglasses topic. Today I basically wanted to put together my black-brown-beige-s division. Despite the fact all these five pieces seem to be totally different I still see something that unites it all... apart from me and 'my collection' thing.

Oh, and here's my latest addition to the shade fam - Zaful ombre piece. Now these rectangle shaped sunglasses are just bombastic. Quite miniature and sending those old school vibes. Like old school vibes the way you've never seen it before. Can't wait to share it within my upcoming look. A look that's so me. But let's just wait for it... 


Photo: A. Puzova