Beauty crushes slash essentials.

It's been quite some time since my last personal-much beauty talk, not a trend-centered one. Well, sometimes (or 'usually' in my case though) it just takes time to test that new find... decide whether I like it or no... and to come up with an idea of a story-talk, the visual side of it in first place.

So today's story is about my 3 current beauty favorites I can't do without literally on day-to-day basis.

NYX Angel Veil primer

Honestly, one of the best - or actually the best - primer I've ever tried. No oily-thing or inappropriate shine guaranteed... well, that's what I could point out. Should I drop in few words about packaging? I mean the visual side of it. This combination of white and rose gold is way too eye-catchy.

REVOLUTION contour kit

Now I simply am in love with this highlight-blush-bronzer beauty threesome. Was thinking of getting something similar liquid-ish or creame-ish but am glad I discovered this REVOLUTION set. I find powder-ish version being more suitable in my case. Especially when it comes to summer season.

MAYBELLINE Master Brow palette

Okay, friends of mine have always been saying that someone like me, whose eyebrows are that dark and bushy itself, doesn't need to add any additional statement to it. I, on the contrary, still find it crucial to contour brows. At least a bit. And this 3-in-1 set is that exact perfect brows partner of mine.

Maybelline Master Brow pro palette (SIMILAR)

Photo: A. Puzova