My Perfect Blue Velvet Lingerie Set

July 28, 2017

That personal kinda talk.

Blue velvet. Once again. Now I have that Sl_Ira wrap dress in blue velvet. A mesmerizing dress. I still think its shade and texture combination is a perfect match. Probably that's why I didn't even have any major doubts about this Zaful lingerie set. I guess I had more doubts regarding the set in deep green shade, also made of velvet fabric...

So, yes, I kind of decided to stay on the safe side here knowing that deep blue shade works great in my case. Overall I fell for this lingerie set due to its bralette + grandma-style panties match. Right, the old school vibes. Also super comfortable, you know. Don't you underestimate these two points...

Dior palette (SIMILAR)

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