Or not really.

Oh these new discovered places. And sometimes abandoned at the same time. Basically there's no one like me who can show up in a pop-up cafe after it got abandoned. Okay, jokes. Now the fact anxiety still keeps me away from discovering lots of stuff on time drives me crazy at times... but at the same time I guess missing out on this or that thing whips me on to work through my relationship with anxiety... I mean to find the balance that satisfies both of us. And yes, I do sometimes take it as a creature with its own characteristics, but it's a bit different story...

Speaking of this ex-pop-up cafe, it's just quite a shame such a setting got abandoned. Because... because it all looks just too cute - plants all over everywhere, exotic-printed chairs and unexpected solutions for wooden tables and stairs. But oh well. Now how about the outfit of the day? I do love it. For the fact it's really about the style direction in which I'm currently moving. And for the fact it's about a combination of my favorites.

Both seasonal and general, or simply non-seasonal, favorites. It was in one of those previous outfit-stories that I said this denim jacket is among my top summer favorites. Well, it is as I keep implementing it within my looks over and over again. Now the shades and the lace ups. A perfect pair. A perfect pair of modern classics, as for me. Track pants? Oh yes, sport-much pants and leggings have been on my 'favorites list' for quite some time now. I like how contrasting yet coherent this outfit turned out.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova