Or not really safari...

So here we go with the second fashion find from Light in the Box online store. A pretty contrasting find to the deep blue piece from Deep Blue from Light in the Box story. Pretty contrasting in many ways... like the fact this beige-ish dress is more of a day-to-day, or simply casual, option while the blue find is more appropriate for so-called dressing up occasions. Just a little story behind my two LitB choices, you know. 

Speaking of today's very dress... in my opinion it calls for some safari vibes... This light beige shade, or call it khaki that's more into sandy direction. A number of big-enough pockets that actually come as an essential part of safari style. Plus this all buttons everything thing... I believe 'buttons over (instead) zips' technique is yet another distinctive feature of this style. Style that perfectly fits summer season.

Urban safari. Might be the best caption for this look. I already talked through safari thing that comes here by means of the dress. Speaking of urban vibes, everything is quite obvious. See, urban here is about all black stuff. My three favorites, that are more towards modern classics rather than 'current season crushes'. The shades, the bag, the lace-up shoes - this threesome works perfect with the dress. Just perfect.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova