Light shades for a change.

I would actually define this whole visual story as 'when your outfit doesn't really match the weather of the day'. Rainy weather I mean. Now seriously, wearing pure white when it's pouring like crazy isn't probably the best choice of them all. But, yes. When desire for lighter shades is that strong you just... you just can' fight it... Okay, I can't fight it.

Speaking of this denim on denim duo, I initially matched it on contrasting shades basis. I mean I liked, and still do, the effect white and light blue bring together. How about these two denim pieces and something common? Right, fringe-d hemlines. This unfinished thing is on trend today. In terms of denim of course. And, well, it's just hard to say 'no' to these old school-ed and rebel-like vibes.

The reason I went for such an outfit combination isn't just about contrasting yet similar denim thing. But rather also due to the fact how good, and cool and gorgeous and so on, such textures as denim and satin work together. Sure it's about contrasting vibes. Again, maybe. And we all know I adore contrasting vibes thing. Just the way I adore this silk-y cami, old school-ed jacket and classy sandals... simply my summer must-haves. 

Look of the Day:
H&M jeans (SIMILAR)
Fiorelli bag (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova