Different but perfectly matching.

Oki doki, now I guess this very outfit somehow takes us to that transitional period stage. When one is meant to shift from all that summer-y, clothes-less arsenal to something, emmm, less body revealing, you know. But wait a second, is it me or my seasonal gallery of looks says that all my summer outfits, or at least most of them, pretty much fit into his transitional period concept? As if this transitional thing stretched all the way through these three months. Jokes, it didn't. Or did...

Now this black bag and white heels combination. I adore how contrasting the Stuudio Nahk and Gamiss merge looks. Contrasting yet matching I would say. Because, well, we all know black and white work together. Plus let's not forget about my two Whistle + Bango bangles. It's also a mix of black and white. So it all somehow comes together, like those puzzle pieces... creating a full picture at the end.

Speaking of today's look in general terms. I initially wanted it to be slightly formal but at the same time with those casual vibes. Or vice verse. Highly casual but with a touch of formal vibes. In my opinion these two directions work pretty good together. Just like such colors as black, white and blue do. And, yes, I'm quite sensitive when it comes to colors and shades, and how comfortable I feel in it.

Look of the Day:
Bandolino jeans (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova