Silk-y touch and pajama vibes.

I mean pajama vibes the slip and robe way of course. Now this double silk-y effect looks gorgeous... and super comfortable. Also feels comfortable. Sure it has this 'I woke up like this' touch. Woke up and simply put on those sandals before stepping out of the house. Exactly, I just got out of bed with make-up on and that not messy kind of hair. How sarcastic. No one sleeps with their make-up on, right?

Speaking of this Zaful dress that comes as a pretty budget friendly version of the ARE YOU AM I piece, am highly satisfied with this find. I was a bit afraid this style won't really fit me, because of, you know, this super open back, unexpected yet interesting strap game... and, well, side boob thing as they usually refer it in reviews. Now going more personal, this dress is designed for small kind of boobs (actually like all ARE YOU AM I pieces, in my opinion).

Outstripping all possible questions, the bigger sizes will just have problems with that side thing. Okay, no pressure. It's still about testing how this or that piece fits you, I believe. Regarding today's outfit, I initially wanted, and planned, to combine the dress with this long robe, from Black Widow story, and classy sandals. Yes, this double silk-y effect. Simple yet chic effect. As if I really didn't plan to get out of bed.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova