Catching up....

Summer might be almost over but it doesn't mean one can't spend these last few days of the season wearing the comfiest and coolest set. I really do like this set I found at Light in the Box lately. It's all about one of my beloved colors, right the beige-y one, and that laid-back effect... or better say mood and attitude, in the same bottle so to say.

And the laid-back thing is exactly something one would love to enjoy to the fullest before diving into autumn season and, well, transitional period. When ordering the set I was a bit concerned how it will fit and would it actually fit me? Because, you know, this loose, not structured, idea of it... you can never be sure how it's going to look on you. But see, it turned to be a perfect fit. 

Speaking of the whole outfit of the day... not a surprise it's all about beige shades. Literally from head to toes. And am actually surprised, in a good way, the old school-ed Zaful shades formed such a match with the LitB set. Transparency effect of the set? I see it as a perfect twist that turns the two-piece into Latvian-summer-appropriate combo. Am obsessed with it.

Look of the Day:
Fiorelli bag (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova