Go for it.

Oki doki, it's been quite some time since I last talked, I guess briefly, through that style direction of mine. Now when it comes to today's outfit story there's something I would love to advise every single soul out there... or send a message... whatever you name it... but you should go for the style you like. Regardless the fact others might not get it or not like it or whatever else they do or do not. Sure the style direction you like might not fit you but... but you never know unless you try. It's about testing and getting to know yourself better.

Speaking of the changes I've been undertaking within my personal wardrobe, it was back in spring that I decided to really have a go with the style and items I do find being cool, interesting and attractive. In my own terms of course. Past year was complicated due to my crazy anxiety and stuff, but actually this whole thing pushed me towards following my own vision, like never before. So, yes, looks like anxiety helped me out to finally go for the style I liked to observe. Even those hard times can bring positive changes, you know.

Outfit of the day? Now yes, yes and zillion times yes. I think I could pull this combination like 24/7. Because it's so that 'current me' type. Someone who's breaking the norms. Imaginative, or inflicted, norms. These lace-up over-the-knees are that one pair of killer shoes. It's been quite a road to own it, but here we are. And I adore how cool it looks in a combination with the tee-dress and hoodie I wrapped around the waist. And the shades. Super cool shades. Shall I characterize this whole outfit as 'modern old school vibes'?

Look of the Day:
Fiorelli bag (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova