Practicality and comfort above all.

Been quite addicted to backpacks lately. Especially since I'm quite obsessive over things due to my anxiety. And by obsessive I mean I always try to make sure I have stuff like tons of water (yeah, am pretty much a water freak), my Olympus camera (because you never know where one might catch a cool shot and simply because I'm addicted to my Pen-ny), a hoodie or additional jacket (you know, this Latvian summer is so unstable, like my mood at times), all my portable chargers and so with me...

In one word... and as one of my school teachers loved saying... I adore bringing all my home with me wherever I go, literally. Plus backpacks seem to be so adventure-like. So, yes, I like this feeling even if I go for a casual walk around the hood. Now this Gamiss piece. My current crush. Well, yes, it did replace my previous favorite, in camo print.

Sure this black option is much more practical than the camo one. It works good with literally every single combination... I mean sport-y or casual much ones in first place. Now this active outfit turned to be super cool. And if you ever had doubts over saying 'yay or nay' to white leggings, then choose 'yay'. And go for options that got these mesh inserts, it will bring your leggings to a whole new level. Seriously.

Look of the Day:
Balmain x H&M tee (SIMILAR)
Nike shoes (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova