12 in 1, literally.

Continuing REVOLUTION beauty brand talk that I started back in My 3 Current Favorites story... So I really am in love with that contour kit, can't get enough of blush and highlight, and went on discovering more of REVOLUTION gems (like, let's say one product at a time). And this time it's about lipstick. Lipstick palette to be precise.

So at this point I guess I have to say that lately I'm more into nude shades when it comes to lipsticks. I mean I don't really use such shades as pinks, reds, bordeaux much... and, yes, this REVOLUTION palette goes all the way from nudes to pink to red and even purple. But have to say that I already tried these 12 shades out and each of it looks super cool. Sure I have my favorites. Guess which ones...

Photo: A. Puzova