My perfect match.

Now I've already shared two outfits from the series 'How I style my Stuudio Nahk bag', and well more is yet to come... am myself looking forward to rock my Alexa beauty throughout coming autumn. So here's a little secret behind my choice from a pretty varied SN range... I thought it could also make a perfect camera bag for my Olympus Pen-ny. And it plays this role in a super amazing way. As if Alexa was literally made for such a compact camera.

This match of my own allows me to stay on the go with Olympus like all day everyday. So I'm just sure the camera is safe and by the hand... like I don't need to search for it in the main bag or backpack... plus, well, my 'picturing the moment' process is all about style now. And I'm highly obsessed with taking pictures with my Pen-ny these days... 

Photo: A. Puzova