Classics are forever.

A never-ending romance with black color. And, please, don't say like it's summer and one should think of switching to something more season friendly like white or beiges... I got quite enough of these shades within my wardrobe anyway. Quite enough in my terms of course. But probably nothing can top black as my most beloved color. And I believe nothing can beat the power of black.

So, yes, I do think black is always a good idea. Even throughout summer season. Just like jumpsuits. Now have we ever talked through jumpsuit game before? Well, after this coolest Zaful find I can state that jumpsuits are perfect for summer, especially on like 24/7 basis. What should one do with side boob and open back thing during a day? Cover it with a blazer or a denim jacket. Easy peasy. I think wearing a top underneath could also actually work.

Have to say here that with such a jumpsuit piece a small bag works way better that a bigger one. So I would recommend to opt for a little black bag... like this Stuudio Nahk beauty. I would actually place this piece somewhere between a small bag and a spacious one. Love and will never ever stop loving this #madeinEstonia gem. It's something that fits my current style and wardrobe direction for all 100%. 

Stuudio Nahk brand experience is definitely one of the best I ever had. But it's a different story. Oh, and this bracelet that SN team surprised me with - a perfect match for the bag and a perfect match for the whole look. Almost total black look. Couldn't help but add these animalistic print shades to it. Just to refresh it a bit, you know.

Look of the Day:
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Photo: T. Egorova