Online shopping saga continues.

So you guys are sure familiar with Yoins online store, aren't you? No, not like tihs. You, my fashion pumpkinitos, are sure familiar with As you may have come across the retailer on Instagram, as I did. I mean, you definitely have come across them on Instagram. At least once. What I'm trying to say is that Yoins is highly popular among Insta divas... okay, not just only 'Insta'. And by divas I don't necessarily mean fasionistas. In my opinion Yoins is about personal style and inner flame rather than strictly fashion, trends and desire to impress others.

When it comes to me, it was until recent that I really started looking at Yoins pieces as something that could perfectly fit my style direction. And speaking of their offering, there are two categories I find myself obsessed with. And by obsessed I mean I keep scrolling through both literally every day trying to outline a piece or two that I would love to add o my personal fashion arsenal... and I fail each time as my favorites exceed 'TOP10' list... So it's various fashion womens blouses online that I have my first crush on. So many off-shoulder and lace-up, ruffles and button up options, and so many white shaded classics. Do I find their transparent pieces being gorgeous? Oh yes, madam!

And if we speak about fashion sexy tops online as a separate category, then I have to point out it's my second Yoins crush. Summer season might be coming to an end soon, but we still have quite some time to rock these alluring camis, bralettes and bodysuits, cold shoulders, cut outs, open backs and so much more. Now tell me, please, how can one choose a piece or two here? Seriously. Because I feel like I want it all.    

Also, since I dropped in few words about my endless number of favorites here are some top-and-blouse options from that 'TOP10' list of mine... the styles I would love you, my divas... or pumpkinitios... or pumpkinito-divas, to have a closer look at. Because we all know you deserve to make streets your own runway.

Glittery Mesh Blouse | Off-Shoulder Blouse | Chiffon Ruffled Blouse 
Off-Shoulder Top | Lace-Up Bodysuit | Crop Top 

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