Why not?

Autumn, necklines and decolletes... I believe this season has its own stage for every single neckline. I mean almost every. And while something like turtle and cowl neckline time is yet about to come, this current stage can still be used for daring, and well quite revealing, stuff. Like this deep decollete piece. Like very deep one. Now it's pretty interesting that with the advent of autumn I fall into this mood for open kind of tops.

Like past autumn I was really into open-back blouses. Fun fact, but both were in blue-and-white stripes. Yes, I was pretty much obsessed with that back thing. I was literally thinking of filling my whole seasonal wardrobe with similar tops and jumpers and so on. Well, year after things changed. And my crush on open-something sifted from back side to front one.

Frankly speaking, I was looking for a top with such decollete since summer stepped in. Because... because it's quite chic and daring at the same time. But I do like how this outfit turned out. Total black with a touch of brownie. Well, I planned this suede jacket + high waist jeans + lace-up boots combo long ago. It was just a matter of time for this Rosegal bodysuit and Stuudio Nahk bag to step in. Sure as those perfect ingredients.

Look of the Day:
H&M jeans (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova