Neutrals always work.

Early autumn and, well, transitional period are simply made for blazers. At least with me it goes this way. It seems to be something... intermediate... between that summer clothing-less thing and proper jacket/trench stage. Plus, if we look at September as that back to business-work-school (pick the appropriate) month, then yes - blazers are perfect to set the mood. Well if we speak about colder kind of season start, then you can always layer, I mean multi layer, the blazer thing. By mixing it with a trench or whatever.   

So, yes, blazers are made for early autumn. White ones as well. I would even say, especially. Just like this very piece I found at Light in the Box. I adore it... for this super simple style and elongated length in first place. Pure classics that work with absolutely everything. Like this new triple-colored bag from Paul's Boutique. Or two of my customized Whistle + Bango bangles. And so on.

Speaking of the total outfit of the day, I originally planned it to be about these neutral shades. Primarily black and white as I thought that black bodysuit and jeans combo would serve as a perfect base for my new LitB blazer and already beloved Gamiss heels, both in pure white. And then it was this Georgia beauty that came here as a perfect twist, and little refreshment. Thus, I assumed that a little dash of red lipstick won't hurt the overall picture. But rather on the contrary.

Look of the Day:
H&M jeans (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova