My current heel-ed crush.

And, no, let's not put it as bride ones. Sure one can count it as such... but in my terms this Gamiss find could be more of that Cinderella thing or whatever. Being serious, I wouldn't also really put it this way. The main reason I added it to my fashion arsenal is very simple... I felt the need to have a white option. Primarily because I got quite a wide division of white stuff within my wardrobe.

Are white heels really that practical sort of shoes? Sure. We've already seen this pair in Black Bag, White Heels and Light in the Box + Paul's Boutique stories within twp pretty different outfits and it worked great out there. And, well, more is sure yet to come. But wait, did you notice how well this Gamiss pair works with Matilda the mannequin...

Photo: A. Puzova