In a little Eastern European city...

September. And that chilly autumn-ish wind. And that feeling I thought I left somewhere along the way. No, no, no. It's not about those school vibes or so. It's more about those London vibes playing inside my head. Maybe because September was that very month when I used to go back to London town throughout several years. And my hood was actually all about these old school type buildings (like I spent exactly 3 years in one of such building getting my uni degree, you know)... old warehouses that got renovated and are now living that modern life.

And no. It's not the feeling of nostalgia. In my opinion nostalgia is more about longing for those moments or memories, or whatever else, that are now more of one's personal history. Nostalgia, again in my view, is a little bit about regret. Regret that something's over. I think I'm still way too young for nostalgia and regrets. I learn to appreciate the current moment, especially since I'm trying to dilute my obsession to control future and anxiety and so on. Why I actually started this topic about London vibes is the fact that I now have this strange feeling...

Feeling that's about some special bond I'm still having with the city. Or maybe let's call it a new direction of our bond. See, if previously it was all about that uni life of mine, then these days it's primarily about two brands I adore. Whistle + Bango, and my two beloved customized bangles, and now also Paul's Boutique, and this Georgia beauty. I see both of these brands having that London-ness at their hearts. Plus, these two are a super cool match. Oh, and Ķīpsala hood with its old school-ed locations (like this very one)... as if this Paul's Boutique piece was literally made for it... in all means.

Look of the Day:
H&M leggings (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova