Into November mood. Not really.

Well, well, well. Have I ever spoke about numbers before? My story with numbers and everything connected with it is not the most breathtaking. Am more of a letters, words and so on kind of person. It just brings you to the field where imagination and endless thoughts can roam,you know. But this time I sort of got charmed by the number - 11. Therefore, I decided to go into numerology to find out what it carries within itself... and, oh well, to sum it all up 11 is a pretty contrasting number that carries polar vibrations - both negative and positive. Now that's way too tricky for me.

What number 11 means to me, or what meaning I have in my head when this number pops up, is sure November. The last autumn-ish month that comes as the 11-th one in year's time frame. And despite the fact it's still like a week to go till November comes, today's black belted coat pretty much fits into autumn-winter boarder period. Now remember in Beige Coat Crush story I talked about two belted coat pieces? Well, this is that second one. The warmer option.

So, yes, I love the fact I could play around black and white color within this outfit combo. And I couldn't miss a chance to pull these stunning heels maybe the last time for the next 5-6 months... right, it's about time to shift for proper boots. Meanwhile... I love how this outfit turned to be. Filled with modern classics and twists. Perfect for everyday. Maybe not every cold much day, but still... And the best thing about this outfit is that white heels can actually be replaced with something more proper, like heeled or flat boots. As simple and practical as that.  

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Photo: T. Egorova