A different talk.

Was just looking through my latest outfit-direction stories, both already published and not yet published ones (but so far prepared and scheduled), and was literally revisiting a file with beloved locations in my mind. Right, I do have a number of selected locations for the shoots that I keep replaying from time to time. Most of which are around quiet center area, and lately I also added Ķīpsala hood to this list.

Why I tend to go for selected ones and literally go around in a circle? First of all, it fits my style and that overall picture I do draw in my head prior the shoot. Like, I know these locations, and I know how practical they all are. Plus visual stories don't really tend to repeat each other - it's always about different angles, different time and even different vibes. But there's always this perfect match in action. Simple yet highly cool.

Photo: T. Egorova