And dark stage continues...

So does my black color saga. This time it's not just about dark, neutral shades coming in terms of my outfit. And it's not also just about gloominess or cloudiness or raininess... but have to say this time September is going pretty mad... can't clearly remember the last time it was pouring that much right at the beginning of fall season. Though, I tend to enjoy rain at times. Anyways, besides everything said above, this dark story is also about my love for Ķīpsala hood and its gem-y locations, especially this dark brick-ed one.

Shifting to more fashion-directed topic, we are finally into this coat-much period of the year. Can't really tell why but I have this special thing for coats. And this fall I went on to add two new pieces to my collection. One of which is this beige style from Sammydress. Have to say, this is a light piece suitable more for that first autumn-ish half... before it gets way to cold. Despite that I still find it being a classy, timeless option that will come as an icing to literally every fashion cake.

Initially, in my head (while still shopping), I planned to pair the coat with this see-through top, both from Sammydress, which formed a pretty stunning combination together. Speaking of other elements that formed this look, I thought that classic black pieces will fit in just perfect. Elements that for sure wouldn't drag attention from top plus coat merge. And I wouldn't mind replaying this whole outfit again and again.  

Look of the Day:
H&M pants (SIMILAR)
Aldo heels (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova