And one of the most comfortable ones. As for me.

So as I said in that latest Living with Anxiety. Chapter 6 story, so far I have few beloved sources I keep reading through from time to time. One of which is Russian, I especially love the 'personal experience' articles. And recently I bumped into one highly interesting story about a set of different, and pretty simple, fears many of us face. And by many of us I mean people in general. These fears include 'live a life wasted', 'to be different', 'to be like everyone else'... I like how the author talked through the last one - fear of being like everyone else - how she explained that she used to wear popping colors and literally crazy styles in order to be sort of noticeable. 

I felt this bell ringing deep inside that was telling that I totally feel her point. Because I myself used to include colors, sades, pieces and styles within my outfits to add that 'wow' twist. It's not like those colors or styles were something hat didn't fit me, on the contrary, but I didn't feel like it was me. Right, this current 'anxiety trip' taught me a lot and pushed me into a position where I concentrate on what I like and what I want. And, yes, I find myself at peace wearing such neutrals as black, grey, brown, white. Maybe it's about self-acceptance (I never been prone to before) and not being afraid to be a black crow in a room full of floral prints? I don't know yet. 

I did admit the fact that total black combination can't be boring. You just need to play around it if it feels so. And that's what I did with my 'all black everything' looks recently. And that's what I did with today's one... by simply bringing these lace-up pants I found at Light in the Box into the game. Well, this pant piece was quite an experiment of mine itself. I love the result for all 100%. Because it is me. From head to toes. And I'm pretty much crazy over all lace-up everything, as you already managed to notice. 

Look of the Day:
Dresslink jacket (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova