Same dress, different story.

The dress from the Chic Me story. Now looking back at that spring-much post, and look, I can clearly see something that unites it with today's version and something that sets both apart. And besides the stunning Chic Me piece itself it's this nature and greenery thing that make stories sort of pretty similar, or better say turns to be a common point here. Now I really can't tell why I tend (because two times is a tendency already) to take the dress to nature-much kind of locations rather than... an urban-like one.

So, yes, I was thinking of replaying this Chic Me dress again. Sure in that autumn version. And here we go with differences between two outfits - elements. Well, also hair and make-up thing... Half a year is a pretty period of time, you know. That's why I actually love to replicate some of my outfits or play around this or that piece again after some time. Be it few months, half a year or several years. It's always about changes, inner and outer ones, that can easily notice.

When it comes to this autumn-ish version, I wanted to have a go with one of my favorite color combinations - brown and black, of course. No way could this outfit do without two of my biggest detail-crush of the moment... Stuudio Nahk bag and Gamiss lace-up boots. This couple played a pretty big part in many of my recent combinations... so yes this look is no exception. And why didn't I come to similar shade dress and jacket merge earlier?

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova