Dark Stage

Dark Stage

with touch of timelessness.

Well, when I was thinking of the dark stage I meant this current period we are entering, or better say already entered... a dark, literally sunless and warm-less, stage when we tend to give priority to darker and deeper shades... like, black deep gray, brown and so on. Okay, now I opt for such colors throughout a year, I mean regardless of a season, but I know there are people who try to get rid of black during like summer because it just doesn't fit. Anyways, dark stage is ruling now so blackness will be relevant every single day till like next summer.

The main protagonist of this story is the black lingerie set from PPZ. Now it's already a second piece from the brand in my collection. The first encounter happened back in December 2016 and it was all about a shapewear dress (check that story again here). And I can't be happier to repeat such an awesome experience with PPZ brand. So this time I went for classy bra, that can be both used with or without straps, and matching bottom part. Turns to be a pretty simple yet stunning and, well, practical-enough combination.

My choice:

Photo: T. Egorova