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October 20, 2017

Wrap me all pieces, please.

So, I guess I'm a lacing-thing kinda girl. Having started with lace-up details on sweaters and tees and same thing ankle boots I did reach the top point with peep toe over-the-knee booties and, well, pants with lacing from bottom to top.
I've already shared this pant piece Black is My Happy Color story this week and you pretty much saw this style in action. Now tell me one thing - how is it possible not to fall in love with it? And no vulgarity spotted. Unless that's what you aim for...
I was quite thrilled to make this little but still quite varied PQAP-selection as there are so many lace-up style when it comes to pants. And just to mention, here I came up with my most favorite options today...  

Photo: T. Egorova

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