Serious crush out here...

Well, am officially into lace up thing this Fall season. But you wait till you see it in action (soon).
So, yes, I really found myself falling for lace up pieces and I feel I could easily fill my whole seasonal wardrobe with such pieces. Because there's just some alluring twist in it, don't you think? And, well, not only a twist at times... you know...
So today I wanted to come up with best lace up much pieces I found at Zaful. And just for a note, they do have quite a range of cool lace up stuff out there.
P. S. Also, in case you are looking for more of sweater options, there's this Zaful Sweaters Autumn 2017 Promotion. Plus you can use ZafulChen coupon code to get 10-20% off on your order. Sounds good, huh?

Lace up top | Low cut sweatshirt | Crop lace up sweater

Bodycon mini dress | A line dress | Long sleeve dress