My autumn crush.

What could one's perfect seasonal bag piece be? I would nominate this Stuudio Nahk style as such. The Franky bag. I love the fact how simple it is, in all terms - lines, over style and so on... well, actually the way all bags of this #madeinEstonia brand are.

Speaking of the Franky piece itself, I do really find it being a perfect style for autumn. First, it comes in pretty seasonal colors - black, beige, pink and deep blue. One couldn't think of better selection, right? And, secondly, the Franky also comes in three sizes - large, small and mini - according to everyone's tastes and needs.

I went for beige Franky in small size as I thought it would go as an addition to black Alexa piece - my first beauty from Stuudio Nahk. As you know, beige is one of my favorite colors. While small size happened to be an ideal middle option - not too small yet not too large. Yet spacious enough and could fit more than my Olympus Pen camera.

Photo: A. Puzova