This view never goes wrong...

I know, it's been quite long since something like this view, quite a favorite one, on a little Eastern European city popped up here. Yes, I do find it peaceful enough o come to the left bank and just observe this Old Town view... no matter what the weather is like... whether sun's shining or it's too gloomy and wind's going crazy or or or... This picture never goes wrong.

Just the way my black and white sort of combos never go wrong. And when you add a touch of ivory shade... Exactly. Seems like I found myself playing around light colored outerwear quite a lot this end of autumn period. Especially since I have a division of stuff I can mix & match it with. Like this ultimate partner in crime aka Stuudio Nahk's Franky bag in beige shade.

Right, here is another tip to refresh a black and white kind of outfit - simply bring some matching shade(s) in. Like an ivory that happen to be somewhere between classic white and classic beige. So it also comes as a binding element between the two colors. And another good tip regarding black and white directly is just to play around textures. Easy peasy.

Look of the Day:
Colloseum pants (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova