It's that time of the year... almost.

The Holiday season time. The most wonderful time of a year, as one, famous enough I guess, song states. Right, we are literally few steps away from December. The last month in a year's cycle... that sets this Christmas mood filled with magic, thrill and inspiration. And if you add proper snowy atmosphere to it... yes, the picture turns to be more complete.

I personally love Holiday season and do look forward to this period with huge anticipation every year. This time Christmas came earlier thanks to Paul's Boutique and this shiny piece from their Xmas collection. Now if the Georgia piece used to remind me of East London area, like Spitalfields and so, then this Michaela takes me to Oxford and Regent streets during that pre-Christmas period when everything is decorated with charming lights and mesmerizing window displays...

When it comes to today's visual story, I mean the outfit of course, then I for sure wanted the Michaela bag to be the main center of it. Plus in my opinion the white dress, especially in a combination with such a shiny element, perfectly sets that Christmas mood. While the lightweight puffer jacket adds that modern, and dynamic, twist. So, yes. 

Look of the Day:
Tosave dress (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova