My power combination...

It looks like I might be having this favorite strategy of mine this November. The outfit kind of strategy of course. Otherwise, how can one explain the fact this is that second outfit-story in a row with that mini dress + over the knee boots match. Now I really do adore how such a pair looks together, and in my opinion it's a perfect trick for colder kind of season. Did I already say that before? 

Okay, going to be honest, I fell in love with this little black dress, literally, straightaway. And this lace-up detail... I'm just speechless. And, yes, I do have this addiction to lace-up thing. It just makes my mind go crazy, I can't even describe the power it has over me. Now the second confession of the day is, I can't get enough of bodycon dresses. In latest LwA chapter I mentioned that regular workouts are a huge 'YES' when it comes to mental health. Well, visual results are also adding to this game, little by little.

Bodycon dresses are also a sort of a part of my style these days. And it makes such a stunning effect with an outerwear piece that fell off the shoulders. Speaking of this total outfit, I sure wanted to build that black plus shades of beige kind of look. Right, never have enough of this. What about this Stuudio Nahk Franky bag in beige shade? Well, it's just an ideal match for this outfit, and my whole wardrobe.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova