Off White (Shades) Head to Toes

November 10, 2017

Breaking the habits. Sort of.

The thing is, I've never been that 'light colors are also perfect for colder kind of season' person. Until this stage. No, no. I'm not trying to say that I did use just dark and deep colors when it was about end of autumn - winter period. I mean I never really tried to build that proper total outfit using only light color options, like, let's say shades of white... because, you know, Latvian weather is not made for that - 5 metres deep puddles, long-awaited snow turning into slush...

Yes, I still think total light shaded outfits are not that practical. But soul, and brain, are asking for experiments... and something new, and offbeat maybe. That's why I went for such shearling coat in off white shade. I think I got charmed with idea of having such a cozy and almost white piece in my seasonal arsenal.

So, yes, this is a story behind how I somehow built this total off white + beige-y look. I did order this mini dress together with the shearling coat. I thought these two might make a gorgeous couple. Plus, I was eager to get such a bodycon a la turtleneck kind of dress. Wouldn't call myself a mini length kind of female lately, but have to say that in a combination with over-the-knee boots such a length looks super stunning. I think I could live in this sort of look for weeks...

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova