I almost forgot of...

Now it seems like I almost forgot about color grey lately. Especially this autumn season. And I really do consider grey being one of those truly autumn-much colors. If I was to place it on the neutral color directed scale, where white and black are located on totally opposite sides, then grey would be directly in the middle point. Because it's not too dark and dramatic, maybe, as black yet it's not as light and tender as white. So, yes, somewhere in between.

So this November my grey color division got sort of upgraded with this Light in the Box skirt set. First of all, I had such a set in mind initially. I mean when I started my online shopping session at LitB, I already knew I would pay my attention to such sort of sets. And I thought that my perfect choice would be in grey color. As they say, who seeks shall find. So it happened. The very last moment, literally, but still. 

Here's the answer to the question 'Why I went for exactly grey color set?' - so it could match these Paul's Boutique bag and Stylewe coat of mine. I'm going to be honest at this point, this grey-ish bag piece is not that easy to match, at least in terms of my wardrobe. But I'm not trying to say I failed with this piece. As I didn't. Because I had such almost total grey outfit in mind months ago. And I knew that at some point perfect elements will come together. And voila!

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova