Practicality above all.

I do have a serious crush on white manicure. And been rocking this color through the main part of 2017. 

First of all, I find it being not that irritating much... right, I don't like bright or popping colors when it comes to my nails these days (only exception at the moment is red). Secondly, I find white manicure being the most practical one. I mean it always makes a perfect match with every single outfit. And I like my total looks being balanced enough rather than having too much of color contrasts. So, yes, in my opinion white is a good idea.

Plus it does set that holiday mood on when it comes to Christmas, New Year's Eve and so on. Therefore, in today's little Beauty-selection I came up with few nail polishes that will sure help you get that white-y white manicure... 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest