Feels quite good.

Fine, fine. I know it's like mid-December and I'm rocking pretty naked shoulders here... but, first, this visual story was make like back in autumn, the second half of it, still it was that time when going for faux fur cot and sexy-mexy bodysuit could be quite a natural thing. And, second, I just love the vibes of this outfit. So I couldn't help but share it, even with delay.

Going to be honest, few months ago I was about to get rid of this fur piece. Simply because I couldn't see it matching my wardrobe and any of my future, at that moment of course, outfits. Still something deep inside stopped me from taking this step forward. And then this Franky bag arrived. I was just looking through my wardrobe, outerwear in first place, and the match happened...

Speaking of the whole outfit... and after the faux fur coat plus Stuudio Nahk beauty in beige shade merge was clear... I wanted to go for something slightly rebellious, or maybe better say daring. That's how the open-enough bodysuit turned to be an essential element here. The rest elements joined the overall picture in quite a natural way. 

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Photo: T. Egorova